Data Visualization Techniques: Traditional Data to Big Data

  • Parul Gandhi
  • Jyoti PruthiEmail author


Data visualization is one of the interactive ways that lead to new innovation and discovery. It is a dynamic tool that opens new ways of research which facilitate the scientific process. With extensive use of the Internet and Web, a large amount of data is generated every day. There is a need to understand large and complex data. When the data is available in large volume, it has to be processed by using various data processing methods and need to present it with different types of techniques and methods. Data visualization is a key to the success of any enterprise as it helps enterprises to control the data in an effective manner and make the best utilization of that data to convert it into knowledge. It is a process of converting data and numbers into visual form. Data visualization techniques use different effects of computer graphics. It helps the stake holders to make an effective and fast decision making. It also provides the better understanding for pattern recognition, analysis of trends, and to extract the appropriate information from the visuals. Visualizing data may be a challenge but it is much easier to understand data in the visual form rather than in the form of text, numbers, and large tables with lots of row and columns. One can choose the data visualization technique wisely by understanding data and its composition.


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