A Literature Survey on Renewable Energy Sources in India

  • Praveen Mannam
  • R. P. Singh
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 626)


In monetary and ecological motivating forces, the advances are reshaping the conventional perspective on power frameworks. Presently in a multi-day’s vitality source, a sustainable power source is quickly turning into a favored one all-around the globe. Network vitality ventures democratizing access to the advantages of renewables on and off the lattice, developing markets driving the organization of renewables on track to advancement, and enterprises growing the extent of their sun-oriented and wind obtainment. Renewables are achieving cost and execution equality on the framework, and at the attachment, the new advances are sharpening the focused edge of wind- and sunlight-based. Wind- and sun-based powers have shown to be aggressive with regular age advances over the top of worldwide markets, even without endowments. The sending of new advances will help further diminish in expenses and improve coordination. This will empower a developing number of vitality purchasers to acquire their favored vitality source and quicken national vitality changes over the world. As India grows, clean defensible electrical supply avails to control for homes, structures, and furthermore bigger networks. Circulated age (DG) has been taken as decentralized age and appropriation of intensity particularly in the country regions. The distributed age (DG) innovations in India identify with miniaturized scale turbines, wind turbines, biomass, and gasification of biomass, sunlight-based photovoltaic, and mixture frameworks. The expanded reaping of nature energy steam from inexhaustible clean sources comes to the overwhelming test dependably developed to effectively suit the power foundation. The power age from different accessible sustainable power source structures with appropriated age must be associated with customers through legitimate incorporation. Such a kind of joining brings the idea of small-scale framework (MG). Along these lines, this paper proposed the significance of micro-grid innovation in the present days in India, and furthermore, it is the overview of lasting power core belongings with vitality frameworks organizations in India and on the planet.


Renewable energy resources (RES) Micro-grids (MG) Distributed generation (DG) Solar systems Wind energy Biomass energy 


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  • Praveen Mannam
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  • R. P. Singh
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  1. 1.Electrical EngineeringSri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical SciencesSehoreIndia

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