Study for structural performance of hat-type sheet pile for retaining wall

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This paper describes structural performance of new type Steel Sheet Pile (hereafter, SSP), Hat-type SSP, that is applied to the earth retaining walls for the construction works which U-type SSP is widely recognized as the wall material in Vietnam. When soil and water pressure act to the retaining wall, bending moment and shear force occur. However, the location of U-type SSP junction, these forces cause interlock slip so that it cannot fully perform its possessed nominal sectional properties. This can be referred to “lack of interlock integrity”, and the degree of reduction is designated as the reduction factor. Increasing necessity of higher structural reliability, Hat-type SSP, which can fully perform its possessed sectional properties, has developed. This paper presents the results of a structural test and full-scaled excavation test in order to verify the structural performance of SSP. The results of the structural test show that no interlock slip occurred to Hat-type SPP that can fully perform its possessed sectional properties. In the full-scaled excavation test, it is concluded that no necessity considering reduction factor for designing Hat-type SSP, despite adequate reduction factor should be considered for designing U-type SSP.


steel sheet pile Hat-type sheet pile Hat+H pile retaining wall interlock integrity reduction factor 


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  3. 3.Nippon Steel CorporationTokyoJapan

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