Real-Time Robust and Cost-Efficient Hand Tracking in Colored Video Using Simple Camera

  • Richa GolashEmail author
  • Yogendra Kumar Jain
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 100)


Dynamic hand gesture recognition field has high potential to change the interaction mechanism between human and machine. But user interfaces (UIs) working on hand movements are still a challenge because of the lack of cost-effective and robust hand tracking techniques. To avoid the challenges encountered in tracking, non-rigid and subtle object-Hand, researchers use advance cameras which overall increases the cost and complexity of any technique. In this paper, we have focused on two important stages of dynamic hand tracking, first is hand modeling and second is robust hand tracking. We have developed a prototype of hand tracking using graphical user interface (GUI) of MATLAB software, working on live videos captured using a normal camera. The proposed system is tested on videos in intelligent biometric group hand tracking (IBGHT) database.


Human gesture recognition Computer vision Feature extraction SIFT Normal camera Depth images Hand tracking 


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