A Systematic Analysis of Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing

  • Nidhi RajakEmail author
  • Diwakar Shukla
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Today is an era of the fastest technology which is growing in every field such as medical, marketing, aerospace and high-level computing. Cloud computing is new area of research which is used in every IT industry. It is basically on demand of resources via Internet. Here, resource can be storage, server, networks, etc. Task scheduling is NP-complete problem, and it is a mechanism to allocate the tasks on available resources. So that it can be minimized the following parameters such as execution time, cost and maximized the utilization of resources. In this paper, we have surveyed various task scheduling algorithms with their brief description, scheduling parameter and tools used. Also, we have discussed various basic tasks scheduling models and scheduling attributes.


Cloud computing DAG Task scheduling Scheduling length Virtual machine Cost 


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