An Efficient Image Data Encryption Technique Based on RC4 and Blowfish Algorithm with Random Data Shuffling

  • Dharna SinghaiEmail author
  • Chetan Gupta
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In this work, an able safety structure has been proposed which is efficient in image data security as well as the image loss is minimum. In our approach, we have used the combination of RC4 and Blowfish algorithms. Blowfish is suitable for image data for which the key does not vary for a single cycle. It is not suitable where more compact ciphers are needed. Due to the advantages of RC4 substitution in different rounds and Blowfish algorithm for the image data, we have used the combination for image data security. Bit shuffling has been performed for the bit randomization and XOR operations, so that the proper bit shuffling is possible. Then, for comparative analysis, peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) and mean square error (MSE) cover have been designed. It provides the comparative and analytical comparison based on the different images. Our results show that it is efficient in terms of information loss, MSE, and PSNR values.


Encryption Decryption PSNR MSE XOR RC4 


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