A Cognition Scanning on Popularity Prediction of Videos

  • Neeti SangwanEmail author
  • Vishal Bhatnagar
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There is an explosive growth of the information on the web which leads to the online competition for the attention of the viewers. Among the large amount of the videos, only some of the videos become popular while the rest of the videos remain unknown. To anticipate the prevalence of the published video is a challenging task. It is noticed that some portion of the published visual content gains the significant popularity and the rest of the content is viewed by small number of the viewers. This largely depends upon intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as content included, relevancy to the users that influence the popularity is difficult. So, the popularity prediction becomes an active area of research. Various prediction methods are given by different researchers. In this paper, we have studied the various factors, tools and challenges involved in prediction process of the video popularity.


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