Application of Digestive Endoscopic Tunneling Technique in Mediastinal and Abdominal Cavity

  • Xiaobin Zhang
  • Zhichu Qin
  • Ying Xiong
  • Ningli Chai
  • Enqiang Linghu


With the gradual maturity of the DETT and the continuous updating and upgrading of endoscopic related equipment, the scope of diagnosis and treatment of DETT has been continuously expanded. In recent years, the feasibility and safety of DETT applied in the diagnosis and treatment of mediastinal, thoracic, intraabdominal diseases, as well as how to prevent the possible complications, have been mentioned in many animal experiments and clinical studies. In this chapter, we mainly share the animal experiments on the application of DETT in mediastinum and abdominal cavity, with a view to provide useful experience for the application of DETT.


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  • Zhichu Qin
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  • Ying Xiong
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  • Ningli Chai
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  • Enqiang Linghu
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