Automation of Reliability Warranty Report Using SAS Software for Data Analysis

  • Priya Urkude
  • Sangita LadeEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1101)


For successive growth of modern organization, it is necessary to implement technique which can understand the complex analytical problem and segregate it for collaborative outcome. For this approach, process automation is the key for development. As such modern programming techniques help to develop new software to implement automation of business processes. Data analysis proves to be important mean for overall development of the business process by achieving streamline operations. To overcome the existing capability and improve the efficiency for the repetitive task, automations play a huge role. Hence, the outcome of this publication is to widen the area of automation with JMP tool focusing on statistical data analysis. Moving ahead with this analyzed data helps data analyst and reliability team to interpret data and translate it for firm decision making. Therefore, this publication discusses the application of JMP tools and their customization using scripting language and graph builder for effective communication. JMP Add-Ins provides complete workflow for building dashboards, data visualization, and statistical analysis.


Reliability analysis JMP tool Statistical analysis Warranty report Visualization 


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