A Geographical Analysis of the Social and Economic Well-Being of Female Children in Rajasthan

  • Chandana Saha


There are several factors which are responsible for the well-being and quality of life of children in terms of health, education, and work. In India, particularly in the underdeveloped and rural settings, female children have been lagging behind on various indicators. Gender-based bias in the family and society often adversely affect education, health, and employment opportunities among females in India. Lack of proper education, health, and nutrition greatly undermine the work participation rate of women in India. Overall, this hampers the social and economic well-being of women in India. Various research studies have pointed out several determinants of the social and economic well-being of this half of India’s population. Lack of educational opportunities, poor health, and under-nutrition not only reduce work opportunities of women in India, but also adversely affect the social and economic well-being of the country as a whole. Studies undertaken by various scholars indicate that education, health, and employment opportunities are interlinked. As far as health and education of the girl child is concerned, educational achievement of mother and the attitude of the family members towards the girl child greatly determines their access to education and health opportunities.

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