Estimation and Moderation of Harmonics in Distribution Systems

  • J. Viswanatha RaoEmail author
  • G. Lakshminarayana
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 169)


Harmonic is a sinusoidal component of a periodic wave or quantity (voltage or current) having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the primary frequency. The harmonic exaggeration is the change in the waveform of the voltage and current from the ideal sinusoidal waveform. It is caused by the wide use of non-linear loads that draw current in unanticipated pulses rather than in a smooth sinusoidal manner. Harmonic examination in the distribution system is precisely essential to learning the behavior of component associated with non-sinusoidal system. The problems caused by harmonic currents are heavy loading of neutrals, excess heating of transformers, nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, overstressing of power factor correction capacitors and skin effects. Thus, it is important to examine harmonic problems in the distribution system, estimate them and overture solutions to mitigation of harmonics. In this paper, harmonics are estimated by using an FFT algorithm and mitigation is done by using LC passive filter. MATLAB/SIMULINK software had simulated the distribution system models of non-linear load.


Mitigation of harmonics Distribution system FFT LC filter 


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