Application of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in a Sewing Line for Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): A Case Study

  • Shawkat Imam ShakilEmail author
  • Mahmud Parvez
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 169)


Value stream mapping (VSM) has been successfully applied to improve OEE and other performance parameters in a sewing line of VIP Industries Ltd. Improvement scopes have been identified from the current state map, and rough set theory has been adopted to identify focused areas and improvement strategy regarding where and how lean control should be approached. After that, two new layouts have been designed. Different performance parameters are calculated for both of the layouts and compared with the existing layout. New layout 2 exhibited the most promising outcome and is selected as the proposed layout. Production lead time, inventory and processing time are visualized in the future state VSM based on the proposed layout. Finally, OEE improved from 45 to 53.75%. This methodology is suitable for manufacturing environment having process layout and achieves the goals of reducing waste and improving productivity and performance.


Value stream mapping Rough set theory OEE Layout redesign Lean manufacturing 


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