Effects of Yoga on Oxidative Stress During Aging

  • Riya Gupta
  • Pawan K. MauryaEmail author


As research in medicine flourishes, so does the life expectancy. The average life expectancy is consistently growing and has come to be  70 years for most adults in the developed and developing countries. However, even as the life expectancy is growing, the lifespan, i.e. the age for healthy living, isn’t growing as much. In diseases such as dementia, brain functioning is easily depleted in the later years. A good and natural way to combat this is yoga. Yoga is a process to open up the mind to work at its full potential. Through this review, we wanted to see if this is also true for the elderly, whose brain functioning is already depleted. Can yoga rejuvenate the minds of the elderly?


Yoga Oxidative stress Aging 


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