Design and Analysis of THD with Single-Tuned Filter for Five-Phase DC to AC Converter Drive

  • Obaidullah LodinEmail author
  • Inderpreet Kaur
  • Harpreet Kaur
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The purpose of this article is to reduce the effect of unwanted frequency with single-tuned filter (STF) in five-phase DC to AC converters. This STF filter removes the majority of the unwanted frequencies and signals at the end of alternative voltage or current converters. STF enhanced the design feature of five-phase DC to AC converter by eliminating the multiple of fundamental frequency in power flow to the load. Five phases DC to AC converter design is more useful and provides superior performance than the common three phase in DC to AC converter. This technique is confirmed by making five-phase PWM five-phase DC to AC converter with STF and without STF in MATLAB simulation, and comparison of the obtained outputs is done and tabulated.


Single-tuned filter Multiple of fundamental frequency (MFF) or harmonics Induction motor (IM) DC to AC converter 


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