Public Opinion Mining Based Intelligent Governance for Next-Generation Technologies

  • Akshi Kumar
  • Abhilasha SharmaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1040)


The term technology signifies the applied scientific knowledge utilized to manipulate and transform the human environment. The successful implementation of such knowledge simplifies the practical aims of human life that makes a substantial impact over socio-economic condition of a nation. With the changing lifestyle of society and to cater their growing demands, next-generation technologies pave the way for a continuous process of global development. They may be viewed as a solution space for global challenges of upcoming century. Various application areas/domains are open with a strong urge to embed these technologies for better productivity and performance such as health, agriculture, transport, energy utilization, building and infrastructure, mobility and so on. Government is also taking different measures to incorporate these technologies as a practical solution towards the routine problems of various domains faced by citizens. The accelerating pace of technological innovation brings numerous challenges. It is not easy to synchronize day-to-day service delivery with the quick change in new technology where citizen’s interest is at stake. So, the contemplation of public perception is a critical step in the entire process of growth and expansion in intelligent governance system. This paper propounds an opinion prediction model using machine learning algorithms for the next-generation technology in exploring universe. A recent space mission, Gaganyaan, or orbital vehicle that is nation’s first manned space flight introduced by Indian government has been chosen for this conduct. In this paper, an effort has been made to examine and evaluate the public perception for this space operation by exploiting social big data in order to realize the positive and negative inclination of Indian citizen over upcoming technologies. Various social networking tools are available to collect and extract public opinion or sentiments. Amongst them, Twitter has been used as a social media tool for data acquisition concerning the availability of real-time data for this space technology.


Opinion mining Government intelligence Machine learning Space Twitter 


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