Development and Fabrication of Automated Paper Recycling Machine

  • Rupesh G. TelrandheEmail author
  • Dhananjay R. Ikhar
  • Anil C. Gawande
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The present project work deals with the recycling of automated paper manufacturing machine. The paper manufacturing machine consists of some major components like paper crusher, sedimentation tank, rollers, conveyor belts, power system, etc. Paper recycling is important from the environmental perspective, as systematic collection and recycling of waste paper can significantly reduce the generation of environmental losses. A survey from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur, shows that 17 trees are required for the production of 1 ton. Also, the Indian Government statistics say that paper consumption in India is 9 million tons [1]. But as per our census, it is minimum 15 kg per capita. Thus, it is demanding to reuse the used paper. Thus, the paper manufacturing machine is too fabricated and automates to reduce labour cost and time. This will be done to enable waste paper conversion into a useful product. The chemicals used in this work are pollutant-free [2], and now, there is no harm to the environment.


Waste paper Paper recycling Automated machine 


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  • Rupesh G. Telrandhe
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    Email author
  • Dhananjay R. Ikhar
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  • Anil C. Gawande
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  1. 1.Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering Technology and ResearchWardhaIndia

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