Smart Environmental Monitoring Based on IoT: Architecture, Issues, and Challenges

  • Meenakshi SrivastavaEmail author
  • Rakesh Kumar
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1086)


With the advent of time, the fast progress in the communication technologies, and development of Internet of Things (IoT), the modern world is able to invisibly intertwine with sensors and different computational devices while sustaining constant network connectivity. The constant connected modern world with computational devices and actuators develops a smart environment. Smart environmental monitoring is a systematic sampling that helps to understand the natural environment such as air, water, biota, and land. In general form, environmental monitoring is the application of IoT. It normally uses the sensor to help in environmental protection by monitoring parameters such as air quality, water quality, etc., and it can include areas like monitoring the condition of wildlife. This paper explores IoT architecture in the smart environment as well as a comparison between technologies used in environmental monitoring. It basically emphasizes on various issues and challenges of smart environmental monitoring. A layered framework of the smart environment is also presented. It is an informative paper for the researchers that suggest effective research in this domain.


Internet of Things (IoT) Smart environment Network connectivity 


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