Contemporary World: The Consensual Approach to Power

  • Katyayani SinghEmail author
  • Anoop Swarup


Those leaders from the twentieth century who proposed and practiced a peaceful transition in society have been studied. It reveals interestingly enough that their policies and approach were found to be more successful and their philosophy leads to better human values and promoted nonviolence and nonkilling. Since most of these political leaders did not hold political power even after achieving the desired objective, an effort is made to know as to how they could remain nonviolent in the face of injustice and oppression in the society. The lives of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela have been probed into. Further to bring forth the views of people on nonkilling and the proponents of revolution, an exploratory survey was undertaken which is brought forth in this chapter.

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