Consumer Behaviour Analysis for Purchasing a Passenger Car in Indian Context

  • Tanmay AgarwalEmail author
  • Nivedika Saroha
  • Girish Kumar
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The automobile industry has faced a metamorphosis over the last three decades. There has been a shift from the scenario of a manufacturer’s market to a consumer’s market. The voice of the customer is put at priority even while deciding any specific model of a car. The bias created by the consumer towards one brand and the Indian mentality towards vehicular safety is a matter to investigate. This paper proposes a strategy for analyzing choices of consumers. Multi criteria decision-making tools, viz., TOPSIS, AHP and CROSSTAB ANALYSIS have been applied. Data of gender, age, profession and segment of the car collected in the survey is used as input parameters while making the purchase behaviour model. This analysis helps car manufacturers to incorporate the features that have been preferred by consumers and thus value would be created among them. Thereby the manufacturing firm would be able to improve its profit margins and strengthen its market shares. Simultaneously the consumer would be able to choose from a wide range of options.


TOPSIS Crosstab analysis Automobile industry Consumer behaviour Indian market 


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