Coefficient Bounds for a Unified Class of Holomorphic Functions

  • Mridula MundaliaEmail author
  • Sivaprasad Kumar Shanmugam
Conference paper
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In the present paper, sharp initial coefficient bounds have been estimated for functions in the newly defined classes \(\mathcal {S}_{\gamma ,\delta }^{k}(\Phi )\) and \(\mathcal {S}_{\gamma ,\delta ,h}^{k}(\Phi )\), which in fact, unifies many earlier known classes. Further, sharp bounds of the Fekete–Szegö coefficient functional for functions in the classes introduced here are obtained and special cases of our results are also pointed out.


Univalent functions Starlike functions Convex functions Fekete–Szegö coefficient functional Subordination 

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

30C45 30C80 


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