Design and Simulation of 3D MEMS Actuating System for Optical Scanning Application

  • Shivani RathoreEmail author
  • Deepak Bhatia
Conference paper
Part of the Algorithms for Intelligent Systems book series (AIS)


Modelling and simulation of an electrothermal biaxial MEMS actuator system for 3D optical coherent tomography (OCT) for different materials are reported. The materials with coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that have large difference can generate notable displacement. The selected materials are SiO2-Al, polyimide-PVDF and Al-polysilicon. Due to integration of all scanner components in a single MEMS device provides appreciable decrease in optical losses. The main aim of this paper is to analyse the displacement in x- and y-directions MEMS actuator for different types of materials. Simulated results reveal the fact that the material not only achieves better displacement, but also that the power consumption is also low.


MEMS actuator Al-SiO2 bimorph beam CTE Polyimide-PVDF OCT 


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