Dipole Antenna Frequency Shift Using RT Duroid Case

  • Jyotisankar KaliaEmail author
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In this paper, a novel approach to downsize the length of a dipole antenna has been stated. The dipole antenna is widely used in Radio and TV reception, Radar altimeter, etc. As dipole antennas are used inside home in TV and Radio sets the length of the dipole antenna causes inconvenience. We know the resonant frequency (f) and the wavelength (λ) of an antenna are inversely proportional to each other. So lower the frequency, higher the length of the antenna as dipole antenna length is directly proportional to the wavelength. Here a 100 MHz VHF dipole antenna frequency has been left shifted to 75 MHz without increasing the antenna length and without hampering the antenna performance. This is possible by covering the antenna with an RT Duroid 6010 cylindrical case. In other words a 75 MHz antenna length is downsized to the length of a 100 MHz antenna. The antenna has been designed and simulated using HFSS.


HFSS Return loss RT duroid Dipole antenna 



The author expresses his gratitude to the department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur for providing computing facilities towards this work.


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  1. 1.Department of Electronics and Communication EngineeringGandhi Institute for Education and TechnologyBhubaneswarIndia

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