Fuzzy Keyword Matching Using N-Gram and Cryptographic Approach Over Encrypted Data in Cloud

  • V. Lavanya
  • Somula RamasubbareddyEmail author
  • K. Govinda
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1076)


Due to widespread use of cloud computing, there is more and more data is being stored over cloud by the users every day in such case finding a solution for easy, secure and safe way to handle the data is necessary. So I have given the solution for such problem using some algorithms like AES encryption and similarity calculating algorithms. So, instead of searching directly using keyword here in this paper the approach is different. Here, I am using searching over the encrypted data which is much secure than the normal searching. In this project, I will be using AES encryption algorithm for encryption and Jaccard coefficient to find the similarity between the keywords. So after giving keyword, the encrypted keywords can be searched and user will be able to find the file over cloud. In this project, I have implemented and tested the solution to the problem of secure cloud computing. By using the fuzzy keyword searching over encrypted cloud computing and taking care of safety and secrecy of data files. This fuzzy keyword searching significantly increases the efficiency and safety over cloud. This is user friendly and easy to manage and require less resource. And the results are accurate enough to get exact files searched by the user. The efficiency is increased by approximated computing and it works great. In this solution, Jaccard coefficient is being used to calcite similarity and used two advanced techniques to make fuzzy keyword set, which achieves the great results. Where n-gram algorithm is used to generate the set of different length n-grams of any keyword which is going to be encrypted and is being stored over cloud. I have done security analysis and found out that this system is secure and reliable for modern cloud computing operations and file storage. This system achieves its proposed goal efficiently and results are shown for same.


Fuzzy Encryption Cloud N-gram Security 


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