Background: Carbon Nanotubes for Targeted Drug Delivery

  • Md Saquib HasnainEmail author
  • Amit Kumar Nayak
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Current researches and developments in the field of nanotechnology have been concentrated in the explorations and exploitations of different novel nanotechnological products or systems for numerous biomedical applications (Nayak et al., Calcium fluoride-based dental nanocomposites, in Applications of Nanocomposite Materials in Dentistry, Elsevier, pp 27–45, 2019; Nayak and Bera, Polysaccharide carriers for drug delivery, Elsevier, pp 615–638, 2019; Rani et al., Applications of nanocomposite materials in dentistry, Elsevier, pp 65–91, 2019; Ray et al., Bioelectronics and medical devices, Elsevier, pp 355–392, 2019).


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