Islamisation: The Global Scene

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Part of the Critical Studies of the Asia-Pacific book series (CSAP)


This chapter reviews how Islamisation evolved in other parts of the Islamic world, to contextualise, and highlight patterns, for an analysis of what has been happening in Malaysia. It explores what “Islamisation” is, some of its key features, and in which parts of the world it is manifesting. It then examines how Islamisation starts, and how it develops, followed by a discussion of the key agents involved—the state, and certain public intellectuals. It then looks at how Islamisation impacts on societies. The Conclusion summarises what key lessons one can draw regarding Islamisation from what has happened on a global basis and suggests an approach for the examination of how Islamisation has unfolded in a specific country, in this case, Malaysia. This chapter does not attempt to provide a complete history of Islamisation, but rather to highlight the key points that affect this subject of this book.

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