A Study Report on the Industry Distribution of Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Companies

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This report compares and analyzes the industry of Zhongguancun NEEQ listed companies, mainly from three aspects: industry distribution, market performance, and growth, and based upon thirteen indicators: total market value, total assets, net assets, employees, total operating income, gross profit, net profit, total operating income growth ratio, net profit growth ratio, net asset growth ratio, asset-liability ratio, quick ratio, and total asset turnover ratio, so as to conclude the industry distribution, market performance, growth situation and operational risk control capability of Zhongguancun NEEQ listed companies. The results show that nearly 40% of the companies in Zhongguancun belong to the “information transmission, software and information technology service industry”. As a center of science and technology innovation, Zhongguancun has experienced considerable development in the manufacturing industry and other industries over the years. In summary, Zhongguancun NEEQ listed companies has stable operation and huge growth potential.


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