The Analysis of Solvency and Operation of Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Companies in 2018

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This chapter analyzes the solvency and operating capacity of Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Companies, and makes a comparative analysis with the national NEEQ Listed Companies. Solvency analysis includes Long-term solvency analysis and Short-term solvency analysis, including asset-liability ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio and other indicators. The analysis of operating capacity includes four aspects: current assets, fixed assets, intangible assets and total assets, with a total of 7 indicators. The report results show that the long-term solvency and short-term solvency of Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Companies is strong, however, most enterprises obtain funds through equity financing, which means that creditor’s rights, especially long-term creditor’s rights, have not been used enough. In addition, Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Companies have an outstanding operating capacity of intangible assets, and the overall operating efficiency of assets is also at a medium-to-high level.


Zhongguancun NEEQ Solvency Operating capacity 

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