Research Report on Profitability of Zhongguancun NEEQ Listed Enterprises in 2018

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This paper analyzes the profitability of Zhongguancun NEEQ enterprises, and describes and analyzes the overall operation status of Zhongguancun NEEQ enterprises from six aspects of business income, gross profit, net profit, return on total assets, ROE, and period expenses to reflect corporate profitability. According to the report conclusion, under the overall slowdown in macroeconomic growth and the overall sluggish situation of the NEEQ market in China, in 2018, the indexes of operating income, gross profit, net profit, return on total assets, and ROE in Zhongguancun NEEQ enterprises have all declined to varying degrees. The overall profitability needs to be improved, but there are also many Zhongguancun NEEQ quality enterprises that have achieved sustainable profitability for many years on end.


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