Reductions of Bending Stresses and Wear in an Aerodynamic Involute Spur Gear Profile

  • Y. P. RavitejEmail author
  • O. Abhilash
  • Naveen kumar
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Gears are widely used in automobile and aerospace sectors. The most important duty of an engineer to design and manufacture of the transmission system of it. Gears normally fail stress concentrations and fatigue resulting in wear and tear of transmission elements like gears, pulleys, etc. This paper clears that by changing properties of material used for manufacturing of gears, by optimizing the gear, the stresses induced in the gears can be decreased modeling and analysis is carried out by CATIA and ANSYS workbench, respectively. It is seen that reduction in bending stresses is found in the above cases, are compared and correlated with each other.


Transmission elements Aerospace sectors Stress concentrations 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringDayananda Sagar UniversityBangaloreIndia

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