Dynamic Response of Axisymmetric Functionally Graded Viscothermoelastic Hollow Cylinder Due to Heat Sources by Using Series Solution

  • Himani Mittal
  • Dinesh Kumar SharmaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


This paper represents the exact analysis of functionally graded viscothermoelastic hollow cylinder subjected to dynamic heat sources. The viscothermoelastic material is considered to be inhomogeneous due to easy power law. The outer and inner surfaces of cylinder are kept traction free and time-dependent heat flux is supplied on inner part of the body and outer part may be isothermal. The governing equations have been changed into ordinary differential equations due to time harmonics. Series solution for regular singular points has been applied to ordinary differential equations to represent deformation, temperature change, and traction analytically. Numerical computations have been applied to field functions and represented graphically for radial stress, temperature change, and displacement against time and thickness of cylinder. The present work has been deliberated for some special applications in the thermal environment as it controls the variations of tractions and deformations.



We both the authors are thankful to Late Professor J. N. Sharma, NIT Hamirpur (HP) India who has gone from this world for providing us the expertise, moral support, and kind guidance.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, School of Basic and Applied SciencesMaharaja Agrasen UniversityBaddi, SolanIndia

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