What the King Gave Happily

  • Ranjana Padhi
  • Nigamananda Sadangi


This chapter documents people’s resistance to the Rengali Dam due to displacement. The foundation stone of the Rengali Dam irrigation project was laid by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1973. Built across River Brahmani in today’s Angul district of Odisha, the project was completed in 1985. Over 10,700 families were displaced. The chapter gives a critical overview of the land-for-land policy of compensation by interviewing the displaced people and highlighting their current predicament. Their memories and testimonies fill an important gap in the history of resistance in Odisha.


Rengali Dam Brahmani River Multipurpose Rengali Dam Project Bandha Nirodh Committee Rengali Thaithan O Punarbasati Samiti 


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