Generic IoT Platform for Analytics in Agriculture

  • Balasubramani Pradeep
  • R. BalasubramaniEmail author
  • Jason Elroy Martis
  • M. S. Sannidhan
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 67)


Recently, it has become trend to use Internet of things for our day-to-day life, wherein we use the setup of various devices for the large collection of data and its transmission in various circumstances. It is actually made possible and success due to the involvement of different sensors that are capable of collecting the type and amount of data required. But many a times when using the setup of Internet of Applications for any kind of developed applications or an application to be developed, it is observed that the setup is built for a specified purpose and provides a one-dimensional application which basically restricts the usage of the developed system for some other purposes or does not provide a flexibility of extending the application to add further modules. In regard to this, our research work aims in creating a universal platform used especially in the field of agriculture for data transmission and reception from various sensors and plotting the statistical graphs on a dashboard. Apart from this as purpose of providing easy usage and extensibility smart devices can also be installed which provides the plug and play capability of our system.


Internet of things Smart sensors Real-time data streaming Agriculture 


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