Research on the Site Selection of Distribution Center Based on Centroid Method and Fuzzy Evaluation Method

  • Mingtao ChenEmail author
  • Chun Bao
  • Hua Yang
  • Zhiyuan Wang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 617)


In order to help logistics enterprise to improve the distribution condition, reduce the waste caused when a vehicle is fragmented transporting commodity, optimize logistics system, reduce costs, improve service levels, is conducive to the strategic development of the enterprise. This paper uses the Centroid Method to get some alternative logistics distribution center address, at the same time, considering the various factors influencing the site selection, mainly includes land condition, natural conditions, traffic conditions, operation conditions and the influence of the policies and regulations, uses Fuzzy Evaluation Method to decide the best distribution center. Finally, the effectiveness of the algorithm was verified by the 27 Eurasian supermarket chains in Changchun city, and the address of the best logistics distribution center was obtained.


Logistics Centroid method Fuzzy evaluation method Best logistics distribution center 


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  • Chun Bao
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  • Hua Yang
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  • Zhiyuan Wang
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