Temperature Effect Analysis on Microstrip Structure

  • Blaise Ravelo
  • Atul ThakurEmail author
  • Ashish Saini
  • Preeti Thakur


With the tremendous trend on the electronic circuit design shirking size, the electromagnetic compatibility/interference (EMC/EMI), the signal integrity and the temperature influence become critical effects (Banerjee et al. in Proceedings of 36th and 38th ACM/IEEE-CAS/EDAC design automation conference, 1999 [1]; Cheng et al. in Electrothermal analysis of VLSI systems, 2000 [2]; Schafft in IEEE Trans Electron Device Ed-34(3):664–672, 1987 [3]; Bilotti et al. in IEEE Trans Electron Device Ed-21(3):217–226, 1974 [4]; Ajami et al. in Proceedings of the IEEE conference on custom integrated circuits, pp 233–236, 2001 [5]) which must be integrated to the design and fabrication phases.


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  • Atul Thakur
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  1. 1.Graduate Engineering School, ESIGELECSotteville les RouenFrance
  2. 2.Amity UniversityGurugramIndia

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