Trading Environment

  • Zhenying Wang


It is self-evident that the trading environment is important to trading. The trading agent is not only influenced by the environment, but also a component of the environment that exerts influence. There is a feedback relationship between the trading agent and the environment. Human beings themselves are the product of the environment. The environment influences the behavioral paradigm of the agent, and the close-knit environment of the trading network plays a particularly crucial role on the decision-making habit of the agent. In some special cases, people lose objective judgment and are completely controlled by their surroundings. Pyramid sales, cults, investors in economic bubbles, even the entire society, may fall into a mania of irrationality, and such examples can be seen from time to time. The simple truth is that all judgments, whether value judgments or perceptual judgments, must refer to the environment they are situated in, and this is determined by cognitive laws.

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