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Diagnostic Biopsy in Uveitis

  • Jaya B. Kumar
  • Sumit Sharma
Part of the Current Practices in Ophthalmology book series (CUPROP)


Elucidating the cause of uveitis is critical to evaluate for systemic disease and to determine treatment and prognosis. The diagnosis of various forms of uveitis is typically determined by a multitude of factors including patient history, clinical manifestations, course of uveitis, imaging, laboratory testing, and response to treatment. Unfortunately, most patients do not present with classic clinical findings and the underlying etiology is a diagnostic dilemma. While serologic diagnosis is limited to a few entities (such as syphilis), the diagnostic yield of systemic diagnostic testing for many infectious and malignant processes can be quite low. Obtaining a sample of aqueous, vitreous, or chorioretinal tissue can help make the diagnosis and guide therapy when there is suspicion for malignancy, infection, or inflammation that fails to respond to medical therapy.


Diagnostic vitrectomy Chorioretinal biopsy Infectious uveitis Noninfectious uveitis 


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