Discussion on Long-Term Environmental and Ecological Impacts for a Large-Scale Reclamation Project on Muddy Coast of Jiangsu Province, China

  • L. TengEmail author
  • Y. H. Wang
  • M. X. Qian
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According to “Development and Utilization Program of the Tidal Flats on Jiangsu Coast”, Tiaozini reclamation project lists the second place among eight experimental sites, which is the largest one close to the coastline. Such large-scale reclamation may bring unpleasant consequences from both environmental and ecological viewpoints. The aquaculture and domestic wastewater increase the pollutant input into the water body, which causes the nutrient concentration rise. Taking inorganic nitrogen and total phosphorus as examples, the influence areas could be 179.6 and 87.7 km2, respectively. The construction process deteriorates the benthic environment and results in 15792.61 tons biomass loss. Furthermore, it may threaten the reproduction of very precious bird, Black-headed Gull due to foods in short supply. The long-term monitoring plan before, undergoing and after the construction provides powerful evidences that convince local governor to adjust the reclamation scale and to carry out ecological restoration. The experiences and lessons from Tiaozini reclamation will be undoubtedly used for reference for future development on muddy coast of China.


muddy coast tidal flat environmental and ecological impacts long-term monitoring plan 


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