Research on Bubble Diameter Measurement Technology of Transparent Potting Gel Based on Image Processing in Micro-rectangular Electrical Connector

  • Li MaEmail author
  • Kai Kai Han
  • Ying Jie Ding
  • Peng Hui Ding
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1060)


Aiming at the difficulty in judging the quality of potting in the process of encapsulating transparent adhesive for micro-rectangular electrical connectors, the bubble diameter measurement technology based on image processing was studied. Through the image acquisition of the sampled samples, the diameter and quantity information of the bubble particles are obtained. By calculating the standard circle of the micrometer, the error of the algorithm is about 5%. By setting up the test platform for the transparent potting, the three stages of mixing, defoaming and solidification were used to analyze, quantify and calculate the bubbles. It was found that the hot air defoaming can effectively eliminate the bubbles generated during the encapsulation, and the bubbles will be further reduced during the curing process. The subsequent production of micro-rectangular electrical connectors provides a factual reference.


Potting glue Bubble Image processing Measurement technology 


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  • Kai Kai Han
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  • Ying Jie Ding
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  • Peng Hui Ding
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