Research on Attitude Updating Algorithm for Strapdown Inertial Navigation of Long-Range Precision-Guided Projectile Based on Directional Cosine Matrix

  • Li YongEmail author
  • Zhang Zhiyuan
  • Zhao Zhongshi
  • Li Zhiyong
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1060)


The ability of strapdown algorithm to accurately track carrier attitude is one of the key factors to determine its navigation performance. The analysis and solution of attitude direction cosine matrix differential equation of strapdown inertial navigation, the update of attitude direction cosine matrix carrier coordinate system, the update of navigation coordinate system, and the check of attitude direction cosine matrix are studied. Its conclusion shows that directional cosine matrix algorithm is intuitive and does not contain transcendental function, it is easy to solve and has a moderate amount of calculation, and it can update the attitude of the carrier efficiently, quickly, and accurately, so as to meet the real-time and accurate navigation requirements of long-range precision-guided projectiles.


Precision-guided projectile Strapdown inertial navigation Direction cosine matrix Attitude Algorithms 


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  • Zhang Zhiyuan
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  • Zhao Zhongshi
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  • Li Zhiyong
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