Socio-Cultural and Historical Background

  • Vijay Korra


This chapter presents social, cultural and historical background of the de-notified tribes. It is based on authors’ field experience with 14 sample de-notified communities, suggesting that except for three or four communities, all the others are deprived and stand poor in almost all the human development indicators. It describes the historical evolution of sample community’s culture, traditions and occupations. The Stigma of ex-criminal attached to them could offer more insights and better understanding about their socio-cultural-economic situation in the past and in the current situation. This study, in the form of Focused Group Discussions (FGD) and interviews with the community elders, leaders, priest and household respondents, revealed the socio-cultural-historical and occupational evolutions of the sample communities over the decades.


Socioeconomic condition Culture Historical De-notified communities Occupation Livelihood 


  1. The Report of the National Commission for De-notified, Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes (NCDNT), 2008. Government of India.Google Scholar

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