Effect of Slip Velocity on a Ferrofluid-Based Longitudinally Rough Porous Plane Slider Bearing

  • Mohmmadraiyan M. MunshiEmail author
  • A. R. Patel
  • G. M. Deheri
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1048)


This paper studies the changes on a Ferrofluid (FF)-based longitudinally rough porous plane slider bearing (PSB) caused by the slip velocity (SV). The impact of magnetic fluid (MF) lubrication has been analyzed by using the Neuringer and Rosensweig model. The changes exerted by longitudinal roughness have been studied using the stochastic averaging model of Christensen and Tonder. The effects of SV are calculated by using the slip model of Beavers–Joseph. The pressure distribution (PD) expression has been calculated by solving the related nondimensional Reynolds’ type equation. These calculations have been used to calculate the load carrying capacity (LCC). According to the results, LCC increases due to MF lubricant. The surface roughness, on the other hand, has a negative impact on the performance. The same goes for the SV. However, it has been found that these adversities caused by surface roughness, SV, and porosity can be partially neutralized by the positive impact of magnetization, though it can be said that SV in general decreases the bearing performance.


Slip velocity Magnetic fluid Load carrying capacity 


\( h \)

Film thickness (mm)

\( \overline{h} \)

Mean film thickness (mm)

\( h_{s} \)

Deviation from mean level

\( \varvec{H} \)

Nondimensional film thickness

\( H_{0} \)

Thickness of porous facing (mm)

\( \overline{H} \)

Magnetic field (Gauss)

\( H^{2} \)

Magnitude of magnetic field (N/A.m)

\( p \)

Pressure found in the area covered by the film (N/mm2)

\( \overline{p} \)

Anticipated degree of pressure

\( P \)

Nondimensional pressure generated due to the film

\( Q \)

Integrating constant

\( \overline{S} \)

Slip parameter

\( u,v,w \)

Fluid film velocity components in \( x,y,z \) directions, respectively

\( W \)

Load capacity (N)

\( \overline{W} \)

Nondimensional load capacity

\( \alpha \)

Variance (mm)

\( \overline{\alpha } \)

Nondimensional variance

\( \varepsilon \)

Skewness (mm3)

\( \overline{\varepsilon } \)

Skewness in dimensionless form

\( \mu_{0} \)

Permeability of the free space (N/A2)

\( \overline{\mu } \)

Magnetic susceptibility of particles

\( \mu^{ * } \)

Dimensionless magnetization parameter

\( \sigma \)

Standard deviation (mm)

\( \overline{\sigma } \)

Dimensionless standard deviation

\( \phi \)

Permeability of porous facing (m2)

\( \psi \)




The authors acknowledge with regards the constructive comments, fruitful suggestions and remarks of the reviewer/Editor, leading to an overhauling of the materials presented in the paper.


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