Natural Mode Solar Evacuated Tubes Desalination

  • Chun Lin SawEmail author
  • Jeefferie Abd. Razak
  • Azmi Naroh
  • Mohd Nazrin Nahar
  • M. Bakhyaraj
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Solar desalination using solar still is the simplest method to produce clean distilled water but it yield low potable water. Hence, evacuated tube solar distiller is used in this study and modified with triangle shape glazing. Waste water from restaurant in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia was collected for distillation process for duration of 1 month. The average yield of the distilled water output is about 18.2% from 40 Litres of daily waste water experiment and comply with Ministry of Health Malaysia raw water requirements. The average efficiency of solar evacuated tube desalination performance is 60.5%.


Waste water Desalination Clean water Evacuated tubes 


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  • Chun Lin Saw
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    Email author
  • Jeefferie Abd. Razak
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  • Azmi Naroh
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  • Mohd Nazrin Nahar
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  • M. Bakhyaraj
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  1. 1.Politeknik Ungku OmarIpohMalaysia
  2. 2.Fakulti Kejuruteraan PembuatanUniversiti Teknikal Malaysia MelakaDurian TunggalMalaysia

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