Study on Automatic Generation of Teaching Video Subtitles Based on Cloud Computing

  • Xiangkai QiuEmail author
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Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 156)


Teaching videos are being used in increasing numbers in teaching. As an important element of teaching video, video subtitle is time-consuming and laborious. Based on the speech recognition interface of Baidu Cloud Computing Open Platform, this paper designs and implements an automatic subtitle generation system for teaching video. The system consists of four steps, namely, audio extraction, audio segmentation, speech recognition, and subtitle generation. Finally, it generates standard SRT subtitle format of teaching video. Taking the teaching video of Minjiang University as an example, the experiment shows that the system has high accuracy of speech recognition, which can meet the requirements of daily subtitle production and avoid the time-consuming and laborious manual subtitle adding process.


Teaching video Automatic subtitle generation Speech recognition 


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