Transcriptional Engineering for Enhancing Valuable Components in Photosynthetic Microalgae

  • Srinivasan Balamurugan
  • Da-Wei Li
  • Xiang Wang
  • Wei-Dong Yang
  • Jie-Sheng Liu
  • Hong-Ye LiEmail author


Photosynthetic microalgae can accumulate a wide array of valuable components. However, higher titer of desired product usually occurs under sub-optimal conditions with the compromise of cellular biomass, which seriously hindered their commercial applications. Conventional metabolic engineering has been employed by targeted perturbation of selected genes in the metabolic pathway without compromising cellular growth. Nevertheless, previous studies have shown mixed and inconsistent success owing to the intricate nature of the target metabolic pathways. Transcriptional engineering represents a promising strategy to govern multiple metabolic pathways by regulation of critical transcription factors, thereby controlling the expression of target gene(s). It has exhibited potential significance and advancements in synthetic biology for microalgal strain improvement. In this chapter, we focus on the significance and status of transcriptional engineering strategies and also speculate on future development to enhance production of microalgal valuable components.


Transcription factors Transcriptional engineering Biofuel Polysaccharides Transgenic microalgae 


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