Application Analysis of Phase Change Heat Storage in a Solar Heating System

  • Yuefen GaoEmail author
  • Chengzhi Wang
  • Meng Wang
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In recent years, with the continuous implementation of green economy and energy saving, solar heating system has gradually become one of the focuses of attention, but the intermittent and unstable characteristics of solar energy limit its application. Phase change energy storage materials are suitable for building energy saving, waste heat recycling, and solar heating systems due to their advantages of high heat storage density, high heat resistance, high conductivity, low expansion, and easy control. This paper summarizes the principle and classification of phase change heat storage technology, introduces its application in energy-saving buildings, and emphatically analyzes the application form and system performance of phase change heat storage in solar heating. Finally, the development and application tendency of phase change thermal storage technology in solar heating are put forward.


Solar heating system Phase change heat storage technology Building energy efficiency 


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