Analysis on Performance of Solar Novel Heat Pipes Radiant Heating System

  • Yaping Zhang
  • Yongxin GuoEmail author
  • Pei Wang
  • Yao Chen
Conference paper
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A kind of novel heat pipe construction was put forward for using solar hot water heating system. An advantage of two-phase heat transfer devices was it can eliminating the entrainment effect because of separated vapor and liquid flow channel. Due to this feature, the novel heat pipe is a perfect product for using the heating systems. But, solar energy utilization is generally restricted by climate factors, leading to overheating in summer and freezing in winter. A new gas–liquid separator type heat pipe heating system based on this problem design is presented. Besides, different types, quantities and area tests were conducted in order to compare the surface temperature of heating concrete block. It indicated that the heat pipe has better thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. And it can be used to reduce the heating temperature of water, so as to achieve energy-saving purpose. The results show that high-efficiency heat exchanger and rapid thermal response of the copper-water heat pipe heating system. It will be meaningful for improving the thermal efficiency and comfort of the indoor human body, at the same time conducive to safe and efficient operation of the heating system.


Solar energy Heat pipe Radiant heating Gas–liquid separator 



The project is supported by National Natural Science Foundation Funded Project (51504188).


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