Remote Block Heater Controller

  • Samuel Garbo
  • Zhazhuli Pratama Nur Winaziz
  • Ermal Elbasani
  • Jae Sung Choi
  • Hyun LeeEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 536)


In general, an engine block heater helps the engine start and reduces fuel consumption and engine wear. Block heaters are electric heating elements that warm up the engine via different methods depending on the specific design. It prevents the coolant from gelling or freezing and stops the oil from turning into tar. In regions with cold winter private and public parking lots provide an electrical outlet for the car’s block heater. Typically, the electrical outlet’s heating timer is set manually. In this paper, we propose an IoT element to the existing electrical outlets that enable the heating timer to be set up remotely with automated heating time.


Block heater controller IoT cloud service Real time clock Thingspeak Remote controller 



This work is result of a study on the “Leader in Industry-university Cooperation +” Project, which is supported by the Korean Ministry of Education.


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  • Ermal Elbasani
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  • Jae Sung Choi
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  • Hyun Lee
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