QoE Unfairness in Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

  • Geun-Hyung KimEmail author
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Today, video streaming over the Internet is predominantly using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) as its primary protocol over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). To allow heterogeneous devices on the heterogeneous networks to be able to play out the video stream, several HTTP adaptive streaming (HAS) technologies have been employed in numerous video services by adapting the video streaming to the network conditions. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) has been introduced as an interoperable solution. Since DASH clients may share one or more bottleneck links in a network, such as a home networks and other network links and request the video segments according to the buffer state, the bandwidth unfairness among clients and the underutilization of network bandwidth are inevitable. In this paper, we investigated some reasons why the Quality of Experience (QoE) unfairness occurs.


HTTP-based adaptive streaming MPEG-DASH TCP flow fairness QoE unfairness 


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