Green Synthesis Approach to Fabricate Nanomaterials

  • Ramchander Merugu
Part of the Clean Energy Production Technologies book series (CEPT)


Nanotechnology can overcome many technical hurdles due to their unique properties and small size compared to macrosize particles. Carbon and graphene are the major nanomaterial sources that are widely explored. They are widely produced by chemical, physical, and biological methods. Compared to the chemical and physical methods which are energy intensive, green approaches are economical and eco-friendly. Chemical synthesis includes the use of metal precursors and reducing agents which are generally toxic and non-eco-friendly. To prevent agglomeration of the synthesized nanoparticles, capping agents are also required. Physical methods are energy intensive and have many disadvantages. Biological methods do not require capping agents as the biomolecules present in it can act as capping agents. Different methods of synthesis using plants, microorganisms like bacteria and fungi, actinomycetes, algae, viral particles, and biomolecules have been reviewed in this chapter. Green fabrications have its own advantages and cover a lot of scope for potential applications in the future. The toxicity of the nanomaterial when it is released into the environment is the only cause of concern which needs to be researched further. In this chapter, various methods of fabrication of nanomaterials using biological methods are discussed in the light of existing literature.


Synthesis Characterization Biological methods Plant based Microbial based Green synthesis Bacterial Fungal Biomolecules 



I would also like to show my gratitude to my teachers Prof. S.M. Reddy, Emeritus Professor, Kakatiya University, and Prof. S. Girisham, Kakatiya University, for sharing their pearls of wisdom with me during the writing of this chapter. I am immensely grateful to Prof. Katta Narasimha Reddy, former Vice-Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University, for encouraging me to write this chapter.


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