The JMSDF and JCG: Toward Cooperation and Contribution

  • Takuya Shimodaira


Indo-Pacific region remains the most consequential area for the world economy and world security. The idea of Indo-Pacific emphasizes the sea as the main conduct of trade and commerce under stable security order. The era of maritime Asia will be a new phase to rejuvenate ties with the nations in the Indo-Pacific region.

Japan strongly recognizes the importance of positively addressing maritime security issues in the East and South China Seas, from the standpoint of supporting the principle of rule of law and freedom of navigation under Japan’s security banner “Proactive Contribution to Peace.”

On April 11, 2016, in the “G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Maritime Security,” Japan expressed its concern about the unilateral alteration of status quo that boosts tensions in these seas and reaffirmed the commitment to further strengthening the international cooperation on maritime security and safety.

The cooperation and contribution for Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and Japan Coast Guard could deliver a favorable influence in the Indo-Pacific region in cooperation with the partner nations as the key catalyst of enhancing maritime connectivity.

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  • Takuya Shimodaira
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